You Tube Channel Set-up For Small Businesses

You Tube receives over a 1 Billion views a month so it’s well worth considering getting your business in front of potential customers. The main purpose is to provide engaging content that will show customers how to solve problems or provide more information on the products and services that you offer. More info is covered here including some example videos. Setting up a You Tube channel correctly is also important since this will be the main channel to support all video(s).

Why Set Up a You Tube Channel?

A You Tube channel gives you the following advantages:

  • It offers clear business branding for your business
  • Add a business logo to your account
  • Add website, social media and other links directly on your channel page
  • The ability to build a long-term relationship and see analytical information
  • Generate more traffic and build brand awareness for your business
  • Add You Tube subscription box to website for more shares

These are some of the important points of having a You Tube channel set-up correctly which can also connect to your Google Plus business listing. This makes it easier to share videos across the different platforms and provide your customers with additional information.

Here a Few Examples of You Tube Channel Artwork and Logo

Why not let us help you set-up your You Tube channel; we create all the correct artwork and logos sizes need to let your channel branding shine across all platforms and devices. Please contact us here for more info and advice.