Local Online Marketing

Local online marketing is a must for any local business, especially if you have a local business with a physical address? Targeting the right local keywords with the right content will help you a great deal to target those searchers; more on the right keywords here. Another must for any local business is local search.

What is Local Search?

Local search provides a way for someone to search for a local business within their immediate location. A popular service that helps local businesses achieve this is Google places formerly known as Google Local.

This is a powerful service that Google (other search engines have their equivalent) provides for local business to display a whole range of information about their business from location maps, opening times, images, discount vouchers and more to their potential customers.

For example say you have a persistent back problem and would like to find a physiotherapist, so you type into the search engine “physiotherapist in Enfield” (a borough in London, England) because it so happens that you live in Enfield and would prefer to use a service provided by a local business person.

Google will then display relevant results for all physiotherapist located in the area of Enfield. See example below for more detail

Small Business Local Search & Google Map Results

local search results

1] This is where you type in the service you are looking for “physiotherapist in Enfield”

2] Google returns the most relevant results for businesses who have been submitted to local search, or Geo targeting.

3] This is a snap-shot view of natural returned results for a optimized website in Google

As you can see all relevant local search results are displayed including a map of your business specific location and reviews by customers who have tried the service etc.

The Future of Local Search

Local search is here to stay and will only get better by providing even more accurate results, take advantage of this small business service now and don’t lose out to your competitors by not appearing as part of the local search results for your business in your area.

Yellow Pages/Directories Days Are Numbered

More and more people are using the power of the internet to search for information, products and services, so it’s only natural that they’ll also search for local services…the question is, will your business be part of the local search results displayed? The days of the big thick yellow pages/directories are numbered, replaced with lightning fast up-to-date search results with instant access to phone numbers, interactive maps and more detailed information.

Yellow Pages Versus – A Small Business Local Search Website.

Compare a yellow page advertisement to that of a optimized website and there are some very clear and honest points for you to consider. If your exclusively using a yellow pages advertisement to promote your small business this table clearly demonstrates the huge advantage of using an effective website business to actively promote and market your business on the net.

What Next – Get On Board

If you have a local business why not find out how you can take advantage of local search and Google places to really bring your business to the forefront of potential customers.

We can help set up and manage your Google business listing, we can also provide a Video, Local Seo and complete local website setup for local business owners who are not already on the net or looking to move from their original hosting company. Please contact us here for more info