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This SEO website design gold package is a premium package. This is for businesses who desire the best chance of succeeding on the net. A big part of this is being aware of the importance of keyword research and SEO. If you are serious about building an online presence on the net this package is ideal for you.

You are someone who fully understands that if a website generates no traffic it’s of little benefit because this simply means that no one is going to find your website.

In order to give you the best chance online, we’re introduced a special Gold package to give you the best chance of succeeding online. This will include full keyword research and SEO services while the site is being created.

The bottom line with any business is “Customers” and on the net this translates into web site traffic which is visitors visiting the site. We can’t guarantee that your website visitors will buy your products or use your services, but we do guarantee that we will get targeted visitors to your website, which is a great start for any business.

You package includes a fully integrated CMS, which will allow you to edit/amend the website anytime updates are needed. This is achieved by using drag and a drop features which is quite simple to use – so no technical knowledge is needed.

Web hosting - 1 years web hosting included. Secure Reliable 100%Web hosting that you can depend on. Providing web hosting for 1000s of small business web sites

Domain name - registered (included) You choose the most suitable domain name that reflects your business and the services you have to offer (can transfer from another web host please ask us)

    Contact Us & Webmail- Build, test the actual contact form. Let your visitors contact you 24/7. Automatically collect important information, data and feedback from your visitors. Webmail means: Your own web mail address This also gives you a serious business image that ends in your website name e.g

    Mobile ready - We make sure your website is visible across all mobile devices

    Homepage - This is the most important page of your web site the focal point. You should spell out your USP (unique selling point) to your visitors, what is unique about your business. Define what makes your business stand out from the crowd

    10 Content pages -10 additional pages (Homepage + Contact Us Page=12 pages in Total ) Content is king and is what helps drives free targeted traffic to your website. Having great content will help keywords drive some traffic to your website. You know your business better than anyone else so who better to write the content than you.

    12 images & Favicon - Images make a great addition to any website. Use images to show off your products, services and even include a picture of your work team members to build trust. Favicon is a small image (icon) that is associated with a website. This adds a nice touch and looks impressive, so if someone wants to bookmark your website a small graphic that is associated with your website is displayed, along with your web address.

    Local SEO & Optimized for local search - SEO is performed on the site to make sure that all pages are found by search engines, we will use the keywords found during the keyword research phase and include Geo Local information to fine tune the optimisation process meaning local people finding your services. Optimized local search means: Create web pages to include your physical location. If you have a business with a physical location we will optimize your website for local search terms e.g accountants in North Finchley

    Google Business listing & Location Map: Local business submitted to Google. If your business has a physical location we will automatically submit your business to Google Location map means; Displays your location on an interactive map so customers can find the business. To make it easier for your customers to find your business the use of a interactive map is a great way to display accurately your location, so there’s no need for you to give out directions any more

    Keyword Research & Submit to Search Engines- We thoroughly research and analyze suitable keywords. The corner stone of your business. This is where you will have the advantage over the majority of websites. We will plan the whole website concept before we build anything. Finding out what words your target market is using to find information, products and services. Submit to search engines means: We submit your homepage to all major search engines. After your homepage is built, we’ll make sure each search engine knows about it. This is the first step towards getting your website indexed and included in each search engines database (can take up to 6-8 weeks) but normally much sooner.

    Web Video-  We will produce a quality web video for the business using images, branding, music etc. We can also upload to You Tube, create an account or use your existing account. Embed on website if required. This is a good way to let potential target market see you and the services that you have to offer. You will need a You Tube account

    Social Media-  Add social marketing to buttons to page and assist you in setting up your social media profile.We will include a variety of social media interaction buttons throughout the site so that people can if they choose to promote any of your content pages through Social media. This will include a Facebook and Twitter integration.

    Newsletter Set-Up  - Deliver great content to subscribers through you own e-zine. Newsletters are a fantastic way of keeping in touch with your website visitor long after they have left your site. Getting them to subscribe to your newsletter and growing your list can be very lucrative for any business. Imagine having a list of 1000-10.000 people who are interested in your information, products and service, and whom you can contact at anytime.

    Traffic Stats - Up to date daily, monthly traffic stats. Have access to important data telling you how many visitors you receive a day /month. This information will also show you what keywords your visitors are using to find your website, what pages they visit and from what area.

    Sitemap - A sitemap is one page on your website that list all other pages on your website.This makes it easy for your visitors to see all your pages at a glance, and more importantly makes it easier for the search engines to find and visit all pages.

    Sitemap - A sitemap is one page on your website that list all other pages on your website.This makes it easy for your visitors to see all your pages at a glance, and more importantly makes it easier for the search engines to find and visit all pages.

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